What to look for before getting a farmhouse sink?

What to look for before getting a farmhouse sink

While shifting to a new home or renovating your present one, you may opt-out to change your kitchen style. If you are more into the aesthetic culture, you will never regret installing a farmhouse sink. This famous 17th-century front-apron sink is coming into fashion again in this modern era.

But before buying a farmhouse sink directly from the shop, I suggest you to do some previous investigations. You should always keep up with the phrase “buyer be aware” before buying something new and don’t forget to check out the farmhouse sink reviews online.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of necessary things to consider before getting a new farmhouse sink into your lovely kitchen.

The Material of The Sink: A farmhouse sink is built by various kinds of material naming fireclay, stainless steel, cast iron and even with copper. The most common material is the fireclay one, it is very popular because of its intense ability of corrosion, heat and damage resistance.

If you want your kitchen to have a fusion with a modern but appealing look, you can choose the stainless-steel sink. They are scratch and crack-free and also free from acidic reactions. Both the fireclay and stainless-steel sinks are low maintenance and user-friendly.

Next comes the copper sink. These are perfect for you if you are a fan of classical kitchen utensils. This bright reddish-yellow color sink gives you a proper aesthetic look with a smooth finish on the edges.

The copper sink is able to kill harmful bacteria because of its natural properties. The only disadvantage of this material is that the patina gets oxidized with time and loses its natural color as before.

Number of Basins: This is one important point you need to consider before buying a farmhouse sink. The number of basins is basically dependent on how you want to use your kitchen sink. If you look forward to washing big sized utensils, like big pans and pots and a large number of dishes regularly, you should buy a single basined sink.

But if you have to wash daily usable plates and glasses, then you should go for the double basin. In this one, you can keep the dirty dishes on one side and the clean ones on the other. You can also keep your delicate and glassware dish plates separate and safe from the steel ones.

The Size of the Sink: The size of the farmhouse sink depends on the size of the cabinetry on which it is going to be set. Also, if your kitchen countertop has a small space, a big sized farmhouse basin will look gaudy.

Choose the size of the sink as per your countertop space available so that the sink can rightly fit into it and look beautiful. Also, keep in mind that the farmhouse sink should measure 3” shorter than the cabinet it’s being installed in.

Gauge: Gauge means the thickness of the metal. It is applicable to the copper and stainless steel made farmhouse sinks. The smaller the number of the gauge, the thicker the metal. The thicker gauge is more durable and is suitable for daily use. It also indicates how less likely they are in terms of getting a scratch or crack easily.

Usually, the gauge number ranges from 18(thinner), 16 to 14(thicker). If you are willing to buy a stainless steel or copper farmhouse sink, try to buy one with a gauge number of 14 for the best use.

Design of the Apron: Choosing the perfect design of the apron depends entirely on your liking. If you are a fan of simplicity, a stainless-steel sink having a plain and smooth front apron design will fit your needs. It also provides a very beautiful contemporary look with an amazing artistic concept.

Copper sinks will be the best option for you if you prefer something with an intricate design and craftsmanship. You can find grapevines, wildflowers, and basketweave motifs often crafted in a very detailed and tasteful manner in the front apron of the copper sinks.

Besides the stainless-steel and copper sinks, the stone, granite and marble sinks are also getting popular for their natural and genuine glimmer that truly astonishes a man of culture.

Warranty: The last but not least option to consider before buying a farmhouse sink is the ‘warranty’ label that comes with it. Most of the sinks come with a lifetime warranty. But some are subjected to some limitations.

Any damage, scratch or crack caused by negligence or improper care does not come under the recovery warranty. So, you should be careful while using a farmhouse sink with a warranty restricted to certain conditions.

Finally, I want to say that the decoration of a man’s household, shows how fancy he is. So, choosing the right farmhouse sink will be a great identifier of your taste in culture to others.