Ten Positives to Ceramic Cookware

Ten Positives to Ceramic Cookware

Food is love. Food is life. Cookware is the medium to this love-life.

There are many articles out on the internet. Most of them try to sell you a particular type of cookware. Others, a bit discreetly also mention the specific brand.

Moreover, the constant comparisons, blatant misinformation and common misconceptions, that are circulated within that medium is both unregulated and disorderly.

What is Ceramic?

What is Ceramic

Usually, the term ceramic means made of clay. In terms of cookware, however, it means clay ware when kiln baked and glazed. It also denotes pots and pans that are made of aluminum or similar metals and then coated with ceramic enamels.

Why is Ceramic Cookware Recommended?

It is a very preferred option for home cooks. This is because of their durability in terms of household usage. Moreover, they come cheaper than copper cookware.

What Can You Gain from this Article?

This article aims to try and solve that problem. At least on the base of Ceramic cookware. The intention is not to convince you to buy, instead inform.

"You are free to buy according to your preference but do consider ceramic cookware." that is our message to you.

What are the Pros of Ceramic Cookware?

The following subheading is the points one should remember when considering cookware. Hopefully, after knowing these, a smart buyer would make the smart decision. We hope that a smart buyer is you.

  • Toxic Free

The day someone proves that clay is toxic, is the day ceramic products will be deemed toxic. Fundamentally though, such a feat will never be possible, because it is not true. As a result, one can safely assume that their ceramic cookware is safe and non-toxic.

Toxicity is something; ceramic cookware will never have a problem about. No chemicals that would be toxic by reacting with other metals are present in this sort of cookware. You can bet on that.

  • Non-stick

Usually, non-stick cookware requires chemicals to make the surface non-stick. That is not the case for ceramic cookware. This is because the surface of the ceramic itself is smooth and slick. There are plenty of advertisements that will show how simply the food slips into a plate.

 Non-stick Ceramic cookware

Moreover, it is also a very healthy alternative to other cookware. If you don’t need oil to grease up your food within the cookware, you have the option of not putting in any, in the first place.

Furthermore, you keep buying less and less of that fatty substance, thus making it a very healthy alternative to eating less.

  • Not Harmful To Health

As mentioned in an earlier point, ceramic cookware is made with natural substances such as clay. In its uncorrupted form, clay is not harmful to humans. Moreover, clay is used in preserving food from ancient times.

It is thus very easy to understand that this medium of manufacturing cookware is harmless. Food if cooked in such containers, not only makes it safe, rather saves on other mineral resources.

  • Easy To Clean

Because the surface of ceramic cookware is non-stick, it is very easy to clean. Only a swipe with a wet cloth and the cookware is set to be reused. Scrubbing is rarely required.

In general use, ceramic cookware doesn't require too much maintenance. This is because it is easier to clean and keep new. Moreover, its shine usually never goes away.

  • Affordable

One of the biggest aspects of ceramic cookware, being an option to you as your cookware is simply the sheer pricing. While you can go about spending upwards of $100 for a single set on other types of cookware, or overall spend a grand from your kid's college fund, ceramic cookware is a spare change in comparison.

Affordable Ceramic cookware

A regular set of ceramic cookware costs at best around $50-$60. It is a 10 piece cookware set. Meaning each set costs less than $7.

Even the most expensive ceramic cookware set never crosses the $150 mark. It is very cheap compared to the other cookware or kitchen ware you may buy Think about it the next time you have to borrow from your kid’s college fund.

  • Resistant to Scratches

The durability of ceramic cookware is always put to question. It breaks easy. It does not have a long term prospect.

This is all true if you are clumsy. According to surveys, all over Northern America, people tend to keep ceramic products around for 5-7 years on average. If a $150 cookware set has a lifespan of 5 years that means your money is very well spent.

Ceramic cookware scratches free

Moreover, as far as damage is considered, ceramic is a substance on which scratches are hard to put. There can be dents, but that may even happen to copper cookware. As far as damage while being used is concerned, you have nothing to be worried about.

  • Environment-friendly

If a product is non-toxic to your health, surely it must be the same to everything around you. It is a very intelligent deduction. It is also a true one.

If ceramic cookware manufacturing goes up and the other cookware productions go down, tonnes of metals will be saves and made available.

Moreover, the toxic waste made from the industries will also stop polluting the world around you. It will be environmentally beneficial for everyone.

As of yet, ceramic cookware is a small step to reaching that goal. It will start with you choosing this cookware over the others. Ceramic cookware not only doesn't harm the environment, but it also serves as an alternative to the cookware that is, essentially giving the world a substitute for its current cookware.

  • High Heat Tolerance

Ceramic cookware is essentially made of clay. These can withstand temperature as high as 2700 degrees of Fahrenheit. Surely, you can’t want to have food hotter than the temperature that melts steel.

Yes, there is a concession to make. The ceramics with aluminum coating, they are only good enough for low to medium temperatures. But such ceramic cookware is seldom used in households.

  • Heat Conservation

Ceramic cookware takes a bit longer to heat. Thus it also takes a bit longer to cool down. This is because Ceramic is not that good of a conductor.

However, the insides of the cookware are also made in such a way that they insulate heat, keeping your food hot, for longer than the other cookware can.

This can save both time and energy. Moreover, it costs lesser. And is more fancy looking than copper cookware.

  • Versatile

Because it is so cheap, the ceramic cookware manufacturers need to not only make their products of finer quality; they have to make it convenient for you too. Which is why there are more sizes of cookware in ceramics. Moreover, each product can do multi-tasking, such as cook and bake.


After so much good word put in front of you, we at least hope that you will make an informed decision and consider ceramic cookware before buying for your household.

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