How to Set Up a Chinchilla Cage?

How to Set Up a Chinchilla Cage

Chinchilla is a very cute and inquisitive animal and acute jumpers and climbers also. You’ll find this cute animal in the high of Andes Mountains in South America.

Definitely, every animal is beautiful in its own natural environment. But if you finally decide to pet any animal, the most important thing to do is a good set up of its living place. It’s also true for chinchilla as well.

Chinchilla’s cages must be set up perfectly so that they always have something attractive to do and are always happy.

So, today’s article is going to be on how to set up a chinchilla cage.

Now, let’s get into the article.

Step 1: Choosing the Correct Cage Size – How Big Should A Chinchilla Cage Be

Generally, chinchilla is comfortable in a multi-level cage. And if there is plenty of toys and places to hide, it’s great for them.

A wire cage is a great option for your chinchilla. In a wire cage, the air circulation is as plenty as you need, so your chinchilla will stay cool in there.

Remember that aquarium type single-level cages are not appropriate for chinchillas.

Always choose a multi-level cage which has plenty of chambers.  This specially designed cage will give chinchilla many places to climb and jump. You can find multi-level cages in any pet store near you.

The minimum measurement you need for a chinchilla cage is three feet tall by two feet wide. Always try to get a large cage for your chinchilla.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Place to Set up the Cage

Generally, chinchillas don’t like noise and also very sensitive to rising temperatures. So, must choose a quiet and cool place to set the chinchilla cage.

Don’t put the cage direct of sunlight positon. The cage’s area should well-ventilated and free from any damp.

Step 3: Make a Solid Floor in the Wire Cage

Ensure that your chinchilla doesn’t fall from any of the levels in the cage. In a wire cage, the wire floor allows your chinchilla droppings to the under of the cage. Also, your chinchillas need to rest their paws from the wires sometimes.

So you can make a solid floor with plexiglass sheets or hardwood to each layer of the cage.

Step 4: Spread Shredded Paper on the Floor

Using shredded paper on the cage floor allows your chinchilla a place to dig out what it loves. This shredded paper will also make a comfortable feeling during walking and playing of your chinchilla.

You can also use kiln-dried pine for the spread on the floor. But remember that don’t use cedar shavings to do it because it may unsafe for chinchillas.

Step 5: Set a Water Bottle inside of the Cage

Just like any other pets, your chinchillas will need a source of water in the cage. It’s best if you use a stoppered water bottle to set inside the cage because this type of water bottle is good for rodents.

Because if you use a water bowl in the bottom of the cage, your chinchilla may run over it and get wet. Definitely you don’t expect that your chinchilla will bath into the drinking water, isn’t it?

Step 6: Set a Bowl for Hay

Next, you’re going to need set a bowl to hold the hay. You can use some other form of thing that to hold the hay, like – hay stack.

You can make your own hay holders, you can buy them or make them by wood. But whatever you do, this work is pretty easy!

Step 7: Set an Exercise Wheel to the Floor of the Cage

Chinchilla is very active animals and mainly at night, they try to do something new entertaining work.

So you can put a chinchilla wheel into the cage for its exercise which not more than 15 inches in diameter.

Step 8: Place a Hide Box in the Cage

Chinchillas naturally live in holes or tunnels in wild nature.

So you can use a cardboard or wooden hide box to make the same environment in the cage. It will make your chinchilla happy for sure.

Your set up is finished!

Final Words

A good set up is necessary for your chinchilla cage to satisfy both you and your pets. So always try to do the best set up of the cage for your chinchilla.

Hope this article will informative for you to do your job. You can follow The Pets Advisor’s guide for buying chinchilla cage.