How to Put a New Chain on Electric Pole Saw?

How to Put a New Chain on an Electric Pole Saw

If there is an item which is a smart solution to help you clean out an overgrown garden in one-go, it is the electric pole saw. Just pressing a switch will allow you to reach hard those hard to reach branches and prune them to your desire. There is no need for extra work and hassle.

But this is not the only way to use an electric good pole saw. You can also use this tool to trim dead branches and heavy undergrowth. Although not as the chainsaw, using the pole saw will make your work progress faster and without hassle.

Who This Article is For:

While most of you may already know how to put on the chain of a pole saw or you have already done it when you assembled the pole saw for the first time; there maybe some of you who do not know that part yet or have forgotten. This is for you if you are looking to just replace your chain because it is old or torn.

What You Will Need:

For this tutorial you will need:

  • One Nut Ratchet
  • One Screwdriver
  • One new Cutting Chain

How to Put a New Chain on an Electric Pole Saw?

You can put on a new chain on your electric pole saw by removing the outer cover of the saw and remove the old chain and replacing it.

  • Take off the lower shaft of the pole

The first thing you will need to do is to loosen the locking duct and the knob for the lower drive shaft of the pole. This can be achieved by unscrewing the duct with a nut ratchet. Next, press the alignment pin which will snap the shafts apart. Now take the pole off to separate the pruner head.

  • Remove the cover

Remove the cover

Now you will need to remove the securing nut of the drive sprocket cover using the nut ratchet. Check if the chain tension adjustment screw is loose; if not then loosen it with the screwdriver. After the cover has been removed, take the guide bar out and pull off the chain if it is still intact.

  • Put on the chain

Insert the dull teeth side of the chain along the groove of the guiding bar. The chain needs to be placed with the cutting teeth facing the front end of the bar on top and away from the front at the bottom. Place the chain correctly on to the mounting bolts & encircle it around the drive sprocket.

  • Replacing the cover

Put the cover back on and insert the chain tension adjustment screw in the hole on the chain bar. The cover should not sit properly at first. You will need to revolve the tension adjustment screw counterclockwise till the cover snaps back in place.

  • Adjust the tensioner to the right tightness

Using your finger, reattach and tighten the nut on the cover. Then with the screwdriver turn the adjustment screw clockwise till the chain is perfectly taut against the guide bar. Permanently tighten the nut with the nut ratchet. The chain should be able to move freely without any slack.

  • Reattaching the lower shaft

Take the lower shaft of the pole and put it back inside the upper shaft. The alignment joint should pop up. Finally, tighten the knot by hand before using the ratchet to tighten the locking nut. And done! Your pole saw should be ready for use.

Few Tips

Replacing the chain of a pole saw is easy. But to avoid having to frequently replace chains there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Check if there is enough oil in the tank.
  • Friction from the cutting teeth loosens the chain. Make sure to check after a few minutes of using to see if the chain tension needs readjusting.
  • Make sure to cut the branches incorrect angle. This will lessen the chance of the chain becoming damaged.
  • Check for debris along the guide bar’s groove. When the chain becomes too loose, it swings along the groove in the bar and leaves gaps where debris from the wood can easily enter. This affects the saw’s performance and can ruin the chain alignment teeth.