How To Make A Plasma Cutter From An Arc Welder?

How To Make A Plasma Cutter From An Arc Welder

Plasma cutter is nowadays one of the most efficient and effective welding machines. Manufacturing companies need to cut metals quite often for their production and other needs. Technology has been a true blessing regarding this factor. Plasma cutter and other modern welders have made the welding task easier and faster.

There goes a common question-“Can I make a plasma cutter from an arc welder?” Well, you can adapt the arc welder that will give you cuts like a plasma cutter. But technically it’s not a plasma cutter rather the air arc makes pieces just like a plasma cutter.

In this article, we will be focusing on how to make a home-made plasma cutter from an arc welder that is technically not a plasma cutter. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the topic.

What is a Plasma Cutter?

A plasma cutter is basically a welding machine that is used for cutting different kinds of metals. It is considered as one of the best welding machines for its speed. You can cut metals both effectively and efficiently with this machine. High-speed gas is mainly used making a plasma cutter.

What is an Arc Welder?

The Arc Welder is a machine that uses an electric arc that produces a huge amount of heat that melts metal. It helps to join two metals in the same process. This whole operation is known as arc welding that is basically a fusion welding process for joining metals. The heat goes up to 6500 degrees F in this machine that is enough to melt metal.

How to Make a Plasma Cutter Using an Arc Welder?

Suppose, you have an arc welder but you want to make pieces as a plasma cutter does. In that case, you can easily adapt your arc welder into a plasma cutter. To avoid this stress, you can also buy a plasma cutter instead. But it’s always wise to save some extra bucks for the future use.

After our comprehensive research and studies, we have come with the process of making a plasma cutter from an arc welder. Read the following instructions carefully and stay with us. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you.

Required Materials:

  • Air Compressor.
  • Brass hardware and copper tubing.
  • Zip ties.
  • Drill.
  • Carbon electrode.
  • Tap and die.
  • Brass jet.

Steps of Making the Plasma Cutter:

The very first step of making this plasma cutter is to attach a brass plumbing valve to one end of the copper tube. Now, take a brass cap and attach it on the other end of the copper tube. This plumbing valve helps to adjust the air volume.

Take a drilling machine and make a hole in the cap. You have to make sure that the whole should match with the small brass carburetor jet. So, make the hole in such a way so that you may not face hassles afterward. The benefit is that you can change the jets now and then to adjust the air spray.

Now, you have to attach the tubing to the handle of the arc welder. Zip ties are normally used to make it more secure and for temporary use.

The main part comes when you have to insert a carbon electrode instead of a welding stick and you have to make sure the tip of the electrode is sharp and conical in shape. After this, you have to set the nozzle at the tip of the carbon electrode.

You need to attach a ‘fast-release’ compressor hose to the plumbing valve and then attach the air compressor’s hose in the same process. Finally, you have to increase the amperage from 25 to 50 amps on the arc welder. With high oxidation and hot arc, you will be having thinner metal plates that are similar to a plasma cutter.

This way, you can easily adapt your arc welding into a plasma cutter. So, you can easily get your own home-made plasma cutter if you follow the above instructions.


Try to give some trials or experiments before using this plasma cutter for field use. When doing so, take precautions and safety measures like wearing helmets and gloves. Try to make sure you don’t blow the molten metal pieces towards anyone nor you for the fact that it is so hot that it can cause harm to your wye or skin.


It is not so hard to make a plasma cutter out of an arc welder. Just follow the above steps and the utmost precautions. In our article, we tried to cover the whole syllabus for you. Best of luck in making a plasma cutter of your own.