How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Design?

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Design

Figuring out what type of kitchen cabinets to go with might be one of the most important decisions you will be making for decorating your kitchen.

But it is understandable considering the impact it will be having on kitchen budget and its looks. Kitchen cabinets are among the first noticeable things you see as you walk into a kitchen as well as determine the general feel of your kitchen.

Keep in mind that half of your kitchen budget will usually be taken up by the cabinets, so make sure that you get your money's worth. The best approach to doing so is by understanding the variations in materials and construction also, how these elements play a role in their durability as well as quality.

Is My Lifestyle a Concern for My Cabinet Design?

Before you begin choosing from door styles and wood grains, consider your lifestyle, the amount of storage you will be needing and how you will be using your kitchen.

The best decisions begin with proper planning. Of course, you will get to do fun things like choosing options and colors, but do not jump the gun.

Let’s discuss how you can go about choosing the right kitchen cabinet design.

  • Begin with the Door Profile of Your Cabinet

In the kitchen, you will notice the door design of your cabinet the most, so, choosing the right door style is among the most significant decisions you have to make.

You can narrow your choices down for the doors by making your mind up on a profile for the exits. There are a lot of profiles you can choose from, such as recessed miter, slab, raised arch, and recessed square.

Kitchen Door Profile of Your Cabinet

If you want your cabinets to visually last generations, you might want to go with a feel that is classic and a modern look. The slab profile gives quite the modern feel, and it is the easiest to among the profiles to keep clean.

The recessed square is great for its simplistic look with a small decorative element to give it a plus one.

  • Choose a Door Style

The next in line after choosing the profile is the style of your cabinet door. You can easily filter out the choices by budget, most of the time. So, if you have a certain budget in mind with a door profile chosen, the choices are fairly easy to make.

There is a wide range of styles of cabinet doors available in the market, such as shaker style, flat style, beadboard style, sliding style, heritage style, and inset style.

Kitchen door style

If you are going for a contemporary style, then go for the flat style. They are quite affordable among the style, and you can easily clean them.

The shaker style will add a small detail to the kitchen while the sliding style will offer a retro vibe to the kitchen. With a large kitchen, you can opt for the heritage or glass door style.

It might get overwhelming to choose from so many, so, what you can do is, take one picture of each kind on your phone. Then go through them to start removing the pictures you do not like, and you will end up with the style you love.

  • Look for Color and Type of Wood

We, more or less, all know what kind of finish and color we want for that dream cabinet. There is a variety of wood to choose from, for your cabinets, such as cherry, maple, red oak, knotty alder, and hickory.

Cherry hardwoods come with beautiful rich color and satiny smooth texture. These are the most popular type of wood used for kitchen cabinets. The color darkens as it ages and is exposed to sunlight.

Maple comes with a creamy white and a smooth texture with small variations from light brown to white. It's a great choice for stained and painted finishes.

kitchen cabinet wood

Red oak has a prominent grain design with variations of straight and arch patterns. If you want an informal look, you can go for the knotty alder species.

And of course, there is the exotic veneer for satisfying your fancy needs. You have to consider your house color when choosing a certain color and wood.

Once you are done choosing a finish and style for the cabinets, it is time to consider the functions of your kitchen. The cleaner, baker, and chef of the kitchen are you and what works best should exactly be known to you.

  • Consider Both Beauty and Function

For functionality, you have tons of different choices available for your cabinet. You might want to go for more drawers below the countertops instead of having more shelves. The drawer slash shelves choices come into play depending on what kind of cookware and such you work within your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Consider Beauty and Function

Base cabinet drawers offer the most efficient space usage and are great for keeping dishes, pans, and pots in place. You can use specialized inserts to outfit them, such as peg systems for keeping coffee mugs and bowls. Shallow drawers allow for storage of cooking tools, spices, and utensils.

Upper cabinets are better for standard shelves with doors for light items such as glassware. The base cabinets that have rollout shelves and doors are suitable for pans, pots and even mixer like small appliances.

  • Organize and Use Every Inch

It is essential to have a kitchen that is organized. Start considering how you will be using the kitchen in the coming years and also, as the family grows. The correct cabinet design will help you to stay ordered.

Organize and Use Every Inch

You would want to make use of every inch on your kitchen, so, make sure that you choose the correct design of cabinet for it.

Keep the cabinets large enough to make them future proof since you are more likely to get more cookware and kitchen accessories in the future. Try not to waste space in their going for over the top fancy designs unless you want to.


There is a whole world of choices out there for designing your kitchen cabinets. However, focus on what you need for your day to day work and design the cabinets accordingly while keeping in mind how your house is decorated.

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