Bosch Tire Changer Reviews

Bosch Tire Changer Reviews

A tire is an important part of the vehicle and choosing the correct tools to change the tire is necessary for many reasons.

Bosch is a popular name in the auto parts world and this company has some great tire changer products. The Bosch, with its unique combination of quality and price, is creating the best value on the market.

In this article, we’re to help you find the best Bosch tire changer. You will also find here reviews of some Bosch tire changer products and all the details of them.

Let’s jump in.

Reviews of Bosch Tire Changer

Bosch is considered one of the best affordable and most reliable luxury brands across the world.

Bosch creates attractive styling in its products, especially the tire changers made by Bosch is unique to others.

Here we reviewed some tire changer made by Bosch, so you can easily get some idea about this brand and their products.

3 Best Bosch Tire Changer Reviews

Below is a detailed description of our top 3 picks of Bosch Tire Changer available on the market.

1. Bosch TCE 4275 Tire Changer

Bosch TCE 4275 Tire Changer

Bosch designed TCE 4275 tire changer, particularly for high volume shops. Bosch said this model has the capability to work with a larger wheel. And also TCE 4275 is appropriate for up to 28-inch external and 30-inch internal clamping tire combinations. This model of tire changer works with larger tires than earlier models.

The TCE 4275 tire changer also has an air motor turntable which increased starting torque, that’s why the machine gets ready very quickly for work. It’s great!

TCE 4275 run on 110-volt power only where competing machines requiring a 220-volt electrical supply and providing the same features.

Bosch includes a moto-inverter and two-speed turntable in TCE 4275 tire changer which ensures finesse and productivity when servicing the toughest tire.

Overall, compared to the other tire changer in the market, Bosch TCE 4275 tire changer is a great option for tire works.

2. Bosch TCE 4335 Tire Changer

Bosch TCE 4335 Tire Changer

TCE 4335 is another addition of Bosch in tire changers world.  TCE 4335 tire changer has a reinforced operating tilt tower and a powerful dual-cylinder pneumatic assist system.

It has the advanced mount and demounts head that automatically keeps the bead in place. This special feature is very useful for easy installation and removal of tire.

You can handle the largest passenger car and light truck wheels and tires by TCE 4335 tire changer with comfort.

There is also a jaw protector includes in this model which provides damage-free and safe gripping of rims.

Bosch included a replaceable plastic on the support arm of the TCE 4335 tire changer. It helps to extend the durability of the machine.

3. Bosch WAE 7500EH Tire Changer

Bosch introduces WSE 7500EH tire changer for both passenger and light truck automobiles. It contains two-speed electric turntable with ergonomic bead breaker and 2-Speed Rotating Turntable that create the exact torque when needed.

WSE 7500EH comes with a stable G-Frame design which makes it flexible to the users. Its hand-operated 2-Point Adjustable bead breaker performs up to 40 percent better than others for tire or wheel demounting.

Like TCE 4275, it also needs a 110V electric circuit. WSE 7500EH tire changer has a maximum 28-inch Large Clamping Capacity.

Final Words

If you are looking for a perfect tire changer, products of Bosch can be a very good option for you. Hope you’ll get the information you needed from this article. You can visit Toolspicks blog which contains more info about it.