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How Good is Copper Cookware?

Copper cookware are the widely used utensils in the cooking sector. Its use can be popularly seen in the restaurants and other times also in the households. Everything has its pros and cons, and copper cookware is not different from that.

However, the pros can be acknowledged more in the case of copper cookware and mostly it depends upon the preference and convenience of the user.


It might initially seem to be cookware that is expensive and tough to maintain but, there are a lot of advantages to it that can make it worth the cost.
This article will give you a brief idea about copper cookware that will help you out to decide on your own if it's worth your money or, not.

How Good is Copper Cookware
Why Use Copper Cookware

Why Use Copper Cookware?

Copper was the very first material that the human beings started working and using with. This ultimately makes a strong bond between this metal and the human.

Copper has a very good ability to do electricity and heat conduction. This is one of the traits that makes it worth for using in the cooking arenas. Copper does an even and quick heating but, also can lose heat fast.

This acts a great advantage for the proteins like Meat, fish, seafood, chocolate, caramel, etc. As such, the risk of overcooking is demised to some extents when one of the food items get in exposure to another precooked food item.

When it comes to cost, arguments are enough to reject copper cookware. Some critics pointed out the size of the burner and the metal thickness that is not suitable when compared with aluminum cookware.

On the other hand, refutations are also seen in this regard. According to them, the responsiveness of copper is much more important than that of its size and thickness. They claim that the rapid heating and cooling down of the copper cookware are more advantageous that can make the size and thickness facts seem unnecessary.

Another important feature of copper can be it's a brown and shiny look that can make it a stylish product. Alongside using it for the cooking purpose, it's color can surely increase the beauty of your kitchen.

So, in terms of cost, copper cookware can be a less wanted product but, considering its looks and usefulness, it is a big yes.

Do You Need a Copper Cookware or Not?

An honest answer to this question will be "No." It is not a must to use copper cookware since a lot of tasty dishes can be cooked without even using it. There are a lot of professional cooks who rarely use this cookware for their cooking purpose.

So, do you then stop using copper cookware? Not really. If you can afford it, then don't think and just go for it. Because a perfectly made copper cookware can enhance the beauty of your kitchen alongside its use. Its quality can make you realize it's aesthetic value relying on it.

Do You Need a Copper Cookware or Not

The Health Benefits Related to Copper Cookware

There are several health benefits of using copper cookware. They are:

Lose Weight

When you consume any food infused in copper, it accelerates the breaking process of fat cells inside the body. It also eliminates the fat resulting in weight loss that can be a miracle to believe!

Ensure Good digestive system

Copper cookware can also help you out to get relief from constipation. Because it carries out the process of detoxification in the stomach. At the same time, it also reduces the chance of acidity and toxic waste formations within the body.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Generally, it acts as a real threat for you when you leave food on your cookware for a long time and consume them later. Keeping foods on cookware for longer time results in the birth of micro-organisms in it.


But, copper cookware has anti-bacterial properties. So, the micro-organisms are unable to survive in it. It prevents the growth of such harmful bacterias like the Escherichia Coli or, E-coli bacteria.

Copper Requirement for Body

Our body needs copper, and it acts as an essential element to keep the body in working condition. Our body can't produce it but, we need it from the external sources. So, cooking in copper cookware isn't that harmful at all since the body itself needs copper.

Benefits of Clad Bonded Copper Cookware 

Benefits of Clad Bonded Copper Cookware

The term “Clad Bonded” indicates being placed between the layers of 2 different type of metals. For this, the cookware gets resilient and hard surface and ensures easy maintenance.

It also provides you with the advantage of being extremely sensitive to thermal temperatures. Besides, you won't have to polish it now and then that makes it hassle-free to use.

Benefits of Tri-Ply Copper Cookware

Tri-Ply Copper Cookware

This type of copper cookware are durable and offers core made with aluminum, an interior portion made with stainless steel, and the exterior portion covered with copper. The copper on the exterior surface allows getting heated quickly whereas, the aluminum helps the heat to spread evenly. Since the interior is covered with stainless steel so, it reduces the risk of damaging the surface of the cookware.

Copper Quirks: Understanding Reactivity and Lining Needs

One needs to know about the reactivity of copper, and it's the necessity of lining that can make the use of this type cookwares easy and safe. Copper is a reactive metal. When vinegar or, tomatoes are used in food, it can leach the copper out in the food and makes the food toxic.

It is for this that, copper cookware are mostly lined. It is necessary to keep under consideration the lining material that is being used on the cookware.

Initially, people used in to line copper cookware. Tin is an element similar to that of copper and has some good qualities. The very first quality to acknowledge is it's lining capability. It doesn't react with anything as copper does.

The second mentionable quality of tin is that it is nonstick so, seasoning is not required. When lined with tin, you can easily use your copper cookware to fry and cook foods like Fish, egg or, even pancakes without making the food stick to the pan.

Besides, for the lining purpose, you can also use stainless steel. It is a new invention because bonding these two metals is a bit difficult. Stainless steel ensures durability. However, there is a chance of food getting stick to your pan when stainless steel is used.

Sometimes, silver is used to line copper cookware. Silver is an excellent conductor, particularly than that of copper and it is nonstick as well. But, the price will be high definitely.

What Ensures a Good Copper Cookware? 

One significant characteristic that is to be considered in case of good copper cookware is the copper thickness. The thickness on a general basis should range from 2.5-3mm.

If the thickness crosses this range, your copper cookware will start losing its responsiveness to heat. On the other hand, if the thickness is less than the mentioned range, the cookware will stop heating evenly.

Good Copper Cookware

Though it's difficult to find copper thicker than the range, it's easy enough to find copper less than the thickness range. A thickness of 2mm is alright but, lower than this will turn it into a territory of the decorative pot. So, before buying your copper cookware, do ensure its copper thickness for better performance.

Considering all these factors, it needs no mentioning that, copper cookware is one of the stylish utensils with a good number of benefits. Price is a big factor considered before purchasing copper cookware, but if it's worth the cost, then the price doesn't matter.

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How To Make A Plasma Cutter From An Arc Welder?

Plasma cutter is nowadays one of the most efficient and effective welding machines. Manufacturing companies need to cut metals quite often for their production and other needs. Technology has been a true blessing regarding this factor. Plasma cutter and other modern welders have made the welding task easier and faster.

There goes a common question-“Can I make a plasma cutter from an arc welder?” Well, you can adapt the arc welder that will give you cuts like a plasma cutter. But technically it’s not a plasma cutter rather the air arc makes pieces just like a plasma cutter.

In this article, we will be focusing on how to make a home-made plasma cutter from an arc welder that is technically not a plasma cutter. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the topic.

What is a Plasma Cutter?

A plasma cutter is basically a welding machine that is used for cutting different kinds of metals. It is considered as one of the best welding machines for its speed. You can cut metals both effectively and efficiently with this machine. High-speed gas is mainly used making a plasma cutter.

What is an Arc Welder?

The Arc Welder is a machine that uses an electric arc that produces a huge amount of heat that melts metal. It helps to join two metals in the same process. This whole operation is known as arc welding that is basically a fusion welding process for joining metals. The heat goes up to 6500 degrees F in this machine that is enough to melt metal.

How to Make a Plasma Cutter Using an Arc Welder?

Suppose, you have an arc welder but you want to make pieces as a plasma cutter does. In that case, you can easily adapt your arc welder into a plasma cutter. To avoid this stress, you can also buy a plasma cutter instead. But it’s always wise to save some extra bucks for the future use.

After our comprehensive research and studies, we have come with the process of making a plasma cutter from an arc welder. Read the following instructions carefully and stay with us. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you.

Required Materials:

  • Air Compressor.
  • Brass hardware and copper tubing.
  • Zip ties.
  • Drill.
  • Carbon electrode.
  • Tap and die.
  • Brass jet.

Steps of Making the Plasma Cutter:

The very first step of making this plasma cutter is to attach a brass plumbing valve to one end of the copper tube. Now, take a brass cap and attach it on the other end of the copper tube. This plumbing valve helps to adjust the air volume.

Take a drilling machine and make a hole in the cap. You have to make sure that the whole should match with the small brass carburetor jet. So, make the hole in such a way so that you may not face hassles afterward. The benefit is that you can change the jets now and then to adjust the air spray.

Now, you have to attach the tubing to the handle of the arc welder. Zip ties are normally used to make it more secure and for temporary use.

The main part comes when you have to insert a carbon electrode instead of a welding stick and you have to make sure the tip of the electrode is sharp and conical in shape. After this, you have to set the nozzle at the tip of the carbon electrode.

You need to attach a ‘fast-release’ compressor hose to the plumbing valve and then attach the air compressor’s hose in the same process. Finally, you have to increase the amperage from 25 to 50 amps on the arc welder. With high oxidation and hot arc, you will be having thinner metal plates that are similar to a plasma cutter.

This way, you can easily adapt your arc welding into a plasma cutter. So, you can easily get your own home-made plasma cutter if you follow the above instructions.


Try to give some trials or experiments before using this plasma cutter for field use. When doing so, take precautions and safety measures like wearing helmets and gloves. Try to make sure you don’t blow the molten metal pieces towards anyone nor you for the fact that it is so hot that it can cause harm to your wye or skin.


It is not so hard to make a plasma cutter out of an arc welder. Just follow the above steps and the utmost precautions. In our article, we tried to cover the whole syllabus for you. Best of luck in making a plasma cutter of your own.


How To Cut Stone Pavers Using An Electric Tile Saw?

One of the best ways to make your walkway or backyard look more aesthetic is by adding stone pavers. However, maintaining them and cutting them in proper shapes can indeed be a little hassle-some.

For this task, what you will be needing is the right tool. And which tool could possibly be a better fit than an electric tile saw? This equipment is versatile- that is, it can be used for multiple purposes, and cutting stone pavers is one of those purposes.

Tiles and stones are distinct in nature. Hence, they should be cut and treated differently. To make sure you cut the pavers as perfectly as possible, you need to follow the instructions properly.

That is why we are here to provide you with ample information regarding this. Starting from what you will be needing to cut the pavers to how you should be cutting them, we will be filling you with everything.

However, if you need more information regarding electric tile saws, then you can check out what Sawreviewed wrote in a blog post.

Things to Consider Before Cutting Stone Pavers

Electric tile saws are sturdy tools. As a result, they can easily cut or work with heavy-duty materials, such as natural stone and ceramic.

However, like any other type of saws, whether or not they can cut stone pavers properly depends on the blade.

The Correct Blade

So, the first thing that you will actually need to cut the pavers is a suitable blade. If the blade at your home is already capable of cutting stone, then there’s no need to fret. But, if that’s not the case, then make sure you go to the store right away and select the correct diamond blade.

If you don’t get the correct type of blade, then that might end up creating some issues. For instance, the blade will wear out faster, which will either require you to sharpen the blade every now and then or change it.

Moreover, your blade might end up melting as well. That would definitely be quite unpleasant, but still, not the end of the world. This might happen if the diamond particles end up melting due to wearing out fast.

On the other hand, it might crack or chip during work. If the blade isn’t strong enough or sharp enough for the material it is cutting, then there’s a high possibility of this happening.

But the worst-case scenario would be if the blade overheats. Overheating can cause some safety hazards, which you should avoid at all costs. Hence, even if getting the right blade isn’t absolutely necessary, it is still highly recommended.

Avoid Safety Hazards

At all steps of the task, you need to be very careful. After all, you are working with a tool that can cause serious injuries. So, you can never be too cautious.

There are some general precautions to keep in check. For instance, electric shocks, damage to blade or slips, and trips. For that, you need to maintain the tool properly and follow the instructions when carrying out the task.

On the other hand, there are some precautions to take care of before you start cutting. You need to check the cutting blade as well as the water flow. If any of these are damaged, then you might face some serious hazards.

Finally, you should be most careful during the cutting process. Make sure your hands don’t get injured, and also do not force the pavers into the saw. The blade will cut at its own speed.

How to Cut Stone Pavers?

How to Cut Stone Pavers

Now that you are aware of all the things you need to take care of before and during the task let’s move to the actual process.

Gear Up

Before you start cutting any material with a saw, you should wear protective gear and shoes. Make sure not to wear any pieces of jewelry or accessories that might get into the middle of work.  Also, don’t forget to keep all your hair tied back.

Draw a Line

If there isn’t a line to guide you, then you might get lost along the way. Which is why drawing a line is essential. At first, determine the portion that you will be cutting and the shape of it. Then, use a grease pen or chalk to mark the cutting line.

Afterward, make sure the power of the saw is turned off. Then, using the cutting blade, mark the line. Once you are done with this step, you can finally start cutting.

Start Cutting

If your stone pavers are thin enough, then you can proceed to cut them as you’d cut tile. The process is not really that different, as long as all the other factors are properly checked up with.

However, pavers are usually a little thick. That is not something to be worried about, though. If they are thick, then cut them in two passes. In the first pass, you should cut halfway through, and in the second pass, cut all of it.

But, that too depends on the cutting depth of the saw. So, before you start cutting, make sure to check the manual of the tool, which will definitely provide the information of its cutting depth.

Afterward, cut according to that depth. If the pavers are too thick, then you might as well need three passes, but the process will remain similar nevertheless.

Final Words

You might have the false idea of this task is for professionals only. That is because you can easily pull it off yourself.

Cutting stone pavers doesn’t necessarily require any skill, but it is essential for you to be confident. If you are nervous, then you might end up making mistakes that might cause injuries and hazards.

After all, the task isn’t all that hassle-some, and you might even enjoy it if you have taken all the necessary preparations. Hence, ultimately, it all depends on your confidence level and how much you have prepped for it.

Tankless Water Heater vs. Boiler

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your home, then you have got a lot of tasks in your hand. When it comes to the heating system, many homeowners get confused about whether they are going to install a tankless water heater or boiler.

You will be surprised to know that both have different heating purposes and not only that, they are very efficient in their particular responsibility.

From the following article, you will find out all the information related to the tankless water heater vs. boiler. After you are done with that, you won’t have any problem in choosing the right one for your beloved home. So, read on to find out more.

Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater is a modern heating system that simply warms the incoming water during the time you turn on the shower or the tap on your kitchen.

A tankless water heater has a heating component inside of it, which is either a gas burner (highly powered) or electric coils. This component carries the ability to transfer its generated heat energy onto the water in order to raise its temperature.

Tankless Water Heater

The good news is that you will have the power to adjust the temperature according to your requirements at any period of time.

There is also a tank based one, which is the older version, and it is still using by some people. Unfortunately, it has multiple drawbacks because the water is heated continuously, whether you are going to use it or not.

As a result, this releases lots of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and also increases your electricity bill. Due to this, people are diverting towards the latest model gradually because it is catching a lot of people’s attention (thanks to its striking qualities).


  • On-demand Hot Water

You don’t need to have storage of warm water, which is a huge pain in the head. The incoming water will simply get warmed only the time you turn on the faucet. If you need a warm shower to get relaxed or get that massive dishwashing done after the guests have left, a tankless water heater will be a life savior in this case.

  • Smaller Space

As this heater is free from storing water, you won’t need a larger space for it to get installed. You just need to pick the desired spot, and you are good to go. If you have a small home, you won’t have to go through any kind of hassle.

  • Huge Lifespan

You will get the opportunity to use this heater for around five to ten years. Everyone present in your home will be able to reap the rewards that come out from it.

  • Lower Electricity Bills

The heating component only warms the water when you need it. So, the electricity won’t be consumed throughout the day, and this is the prime reason that the bills will be lower than normal.

  • Good for the Environment

The gases released from the tank-based water heater are very harmful to the environment. But for the tankless one, you will contribute to the welfare of the society as it won’t possess a threat.


  • Expensive

The price of it is quite huge than the tank-based water heater. You must need to have a huge budget to get this device installed at your home.

  • Critical Installation Process

This new model will require you to use a different route for the gas lines. An additional ventilation system might also be needed if the situation demands.


A boiler is also known as a radiant heating system as it uses a radiator for its heating purpose. It is not used for the kind of task that you will normally in case of the tankless water heater.


With the boiler, you will be able to heat your entire home if it is getting too cold to tolerate. This innovating heating device heats the water and distributes it evenly when you will need it the most. The heated water moves with the help of pipes to different radiators present in your rooms. To control the temperature, there will be a thermostat present for the radiators to spread a decent amount of heat.


  • Even Heating

The system is made in a way that you will get the same amount of heat in every room. You can even test this to clear out your doubts. During wintertime, your home will be the only place that you will have in order to get that comfortable experience.

  • Good Air Quality

You will be able to breathe clearly, and it is guaranteed that there will be no dust generated from the boiler.

  • Zero Noise

There will be no sound pollution inside your home due to its modern device. If you have kids and they are on their way to take a nice nap, you can be sure that they will not be disturbed.

  • Efficient

A boiler is very efficient in energy saving. There will be no loss of heat, and all of it will be stored inside your home to fulfill your needs.


  • Expensive

You should look into your budget and make a decision about buying it as the price is huge than the other heating systems.

  • Leakage Problem

There can be a situation when one of the pipes gets leaked accidentally. If this happens, you have to clean up that specific area. Overall, this will cost you time and money.

Tankless Water Heater Vs. Boiler: Who Is the Winner?

It is clear that you won’t be able to pick a winner because both of them work very well in their respective tasks.

If you are in need of a warm shower on a constant basis or even do that warm dishwashing, go for the tankless water heater. For more information, you can search the website. There are various blogs or videos related to this type of heating system, and you can read this article from SmartWheater.com.

To have a warm experience inside your home, buy a good quality boiler. The price can be a bit expensive, but it will be beneficial for you in the long term. You will get desirable results, and along with that, the electricity bill will gradually decrease with time. Overall, it is a win-win situation for you.


Take notes from this article and consult with the professionals for their extra advice. Best of luck!

Track Saw Buying Guide

Have you settled your mind to buy a track saw for your workspace, yet what stands between you and the best track saws is the lack of your knowledge on them? If this is the case, you should read this before buying it.

Buying track saw without having the whole idea on them can be cumbersome, and it may lead you to the path of picking some substandard products. So, get your research done before you intend to go for buying. To make your task less tedious, we have done the research on behalf of you.

Here’s a list of aspects you should consider before you get the power tool for you.

Motor Power

The motor is the driving source of a track saw. So, first of all, you need to ensure that a powerful motor is present in your track saw. A track saw with a powerful motor has the ability to cut faster and smoother.

Conversely, low power motors may cut down your expenses but will offer you an amateurish cut. Therefore, if you don’t want to deprive yourself of having decent cuts, make sure the track saw you opt for has at least a 9-amp motor.

Blade Size

Another very important thing to look for is the blade size. Just like any other saw, a track saw with a larger blade will help you to cut deeper, whereas smaller blade will cut shallower. Which one should you take?

Blade Size

That entirely depends on the type of workpiece. To cut thick wood planks, you should have the arrangement of a large blade.

Motor Speed

This means the spinning speed of the motor. Conventionally, the speed is mentioned in RPMs (revolutions per unit). The ideal rate of spinning in most of the commercial work is around 2000 RPMs.

Although a different type of cuts may require a different type of speed. Thankfully, most of the tracks saws in the market allow you to adjust the speed according to your requirement.

Track Length

As the name suggests, track saws come with a long track. The track provides stability, support, and guidance to cut through the wood. When it comes to making straight cuts, the tool is handy to achieve perfect cuts.

You will have different options in front of you for the length of the track. Long tracks are useful because they allow you to cut long pieces.

Depth Setting

Depth setting means the arrangement of the saw that allows you to control the depth when you cut through the wood piece. It is another useful feature because you will have to readjust the depth when you are making various types of cuts.

Hence, make sure the track saw you are buying has an easy option to adjust the depth and a readout to work with precision.

Bevel Level

For those who don’t have an idea, a bevel cut refers to a cut where the sharp edges are not perpendicular to the top of the material.

Beveling is pretty common in woodwork. Most of the track saws have the feature of bevel cutting. Make sure your track saw has the ability to make a bevel cut with accurate angles.

Safety Features

Track Saw Safety Features

Many woodworkers may disregard safety features, but professionals consider some safety features to be must-haves. Some of those include anti-kickback features, electric brakes to gain quick stop, mechanisms for dust collection, etc.


Obviously, you won’t be interested in changing your track saw frequently. Therefore, get one that will perform for a long time without any mechanical issues. The easiest way to find reliable and durable track saws is to look for the warranty.

You will find tracks saws with warranties ranging from one to three years, depending on the price.

These are the features every professional carpenter will want to be present in their track saws. Keep these aspects in your mind when you go to buy a track saw; you won’t be disappointed.

How To Make A Foosball Table?

Foosball is becoming a very popular table game these days. You can enjoy your time playing foosball at your home easily. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a foosball table, then do not worry.

We are here to present a brief description of how you can do make the best foosball table at your home.

Step 1

The first step of your process would be to measure out the dimension of the wood that you will be using to make the table. To make a regular table, you need to slash the surface that will have a width of 30 inches and a long of 56 inches.

The walls of the foosball table have to be sized down to a length of 52 inches and a height of 4.5 inches to make sure that that the balls don’t keep falling every time you play.

The thickness of the wall depends on your preference, but it is better to buy thinner boards so that they will be lighter in weight and will put less strain on legs.

After cutting the walls according to the size, then you have to make some equally spaced holes in the wall of the table to fit the roads in them. The size of the holes on the wall will depend on the volume of the rods that you will buy.

Also, it is suggested to leave space for a plastic buffer between the walls and the rods. Generally, the diameter of the hole is around 30 mm.

Step 2

The second step is to make walls at the ends of the table. These walls will be 30 inches long and 4.5 inches tall. Moreover, you have to cut goals out of the parts to score goals in the first place.

Step 3

Make A Foosball Table

Then, you have to cut indentations into the under portion of the playing board. It will give rooms to plot slots in the poles which will act as the legs of the players.

Step 4

In this step, you have to use your drill so that you can attach the wooden parts. In this step, you can see the shaping of your foosball table.

You are suggested to add the felt in your foosball playing field, apply a full coverage of glue to make sure that it does not dislocate.

Step 5

You may want to add some plastic spacers to the sets of the holes that you drilled out of the walls earlier. You have done this step before you have slid through the poles and added players in the field.

After the players are on the field, then you may add a spacer at the other side to push the rod. You have to continue it before you cap it.

Step 6

Now, you have to attach the legs of the table and test the integrity of the structure. For a regular table, the legs will be more or less 30 inches high because the part of the table is around 6 inches; this makes a total of 36-inches in total.

End Quote

For more smoothness and durability, you may put oil in points that are connecting the plastic spacer and rods. Oil helps to ease the rotation of the players. Now, drop the ball in the centre of the table and try out first.

Don’t forget to have fun with your friends and your cousins on your happy days.

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